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Singing career could be on the horizon for Damo and Ivor star Hannah

Damo and Ivor star Hannah Crowley has a plan B if her acting career doesn't work out. She has revealed to the Diary that she is also considering pursuing a singing career.

"I have a degree in social science but at the moment I'm studying jazz at the Newpark Music Centre in Blackrock," she said.

"My main instrument is my voice and I play the piano as well. It's a full-time course over two years and it's linked to Berklee music college in Boston which is incredible.

"The course prepares you to enter Berklee, which is such a prestigious music college, but tuition is around €65,000-a-year so I don't think I'll be heading over unless I got a scholarship or something," she admitted.


Hannah admits singing has always been her first love and that she was surprised when she started landing acting roles.

"I was always singing and acting when I was younger," she said.

"My mum would put me in loads of different extra curricular activities and I really took to acting.

"I went to different drama schools until I was 18 and I have been training as a classical singer since I was six," she revealed.

"It came as such a surprise that I'm known as an actress now. I'm still going for auditions and training my voice and I'll just have to see what comes my way."

Hannah (23) also spoke of how she was thrilled to have landed the part of Sarah-Jane - who is pregnant but doesn't know if Damo or Ivor is the dad.

"I was doing some auditions here and there and then I got the script for Damo and Ivor and I just loved it," she said.

"I knew straight away that I really wanted the part. I loved Sarah-Jane's character from the start.

"I can be a bit ditzy at times, but everything in the show is done to the extreme so it's a really fun part to play."

The Carrickmines native also revealed that it can be hard to keep a straight face on set.

"When I first started, I thought Sarah-Jane was going to be this bitchy D4 character, but she's actually really nice and sweet and she's really in love with Ivor.

"But it can be hard to keep it together when we're on set because the reactions to her character are just brilliant," she added.

The second series of Damo and Ivor currently airs on RTE2 on Monday nights.