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Singer Rebecca has baby girl

Singer Rebecca Ferguson has given birth to a "perfect" baby girl eight months after she appeared to collapse on live TV.

The chart star, who found fame through The X Factor, announced the news on Twitter and said Arabella is "ruined already".

In a series of tweets, she said: "I don't want to sleep I just want to look at her . . . thank you for all the love and support will update you all tomorrow my angel is here xx."

Friendships on hols 'doomed'

Holiday friendships rarely last beyond the end of the trip, according to a survey.

Some on a break even give fake phone numbers to avoid being pestered by their new-found friends once back home, the poll by Hotels.com found.

Of 2,000 people surveyed, 58pc said they regularly made friends when away but only 6pc managed to keep the friendships going for as long as a month after returning home.

I shed 5 stone on Coke, apples

BRITAIN's former Lord Chancellor Lord Falconer has told how he lost five stones on a regime of apples and Diet Coke.

The 62-year-old Labour peer has come down from 16st 6lb two years ago to 11st 5lb now.

"I go without breakfast and lunch. I live on apples during the day and then have a normal dinner. The big downside consequence is that I have become addicted to Diet Coke. I might drink eight or nine of them a day," he said.

Eye test to find Alzheimer's

Researchers are investigating whether a simple eye test could be used to identify the early stages of Alzheimer's disease.

A three-year project will look at whether warning signs can be detected using special computer software to analyse high-definition images of the eye.

Evidence suggests changes in the patterns of ocular veins and arteries can be linked to other ailments such as stroke.

A team at the University of Dundee's school of computing have developed the software - known as Vampire - with colleagues at the University of Edinburgh.