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Singer breaks wrist tackling intruder who tried to bite his ear off

A DUBLIN musician was left with a broken wrist after tackling an intruder at his home who attempted to bite his ear off.

Thomas Walsh, who is the frontman of pop band Pugwash, was sleeping in his home in Crumlin when he heard several loud knocks on his window at about 1am yesterday morning

"I was sleeping in bed when I heard this loud bang. It happens all the time here, so I just ignored it and went back to sleep.

"Then around 90 seconds later I hear some lad climbing through my window, and I jumped up," the 45-year-old told the Herald.

Mr Walsh described how he saw a man half-way through his living room window, and shouted at him to get out.

"He was still climbing into the house, so I guess adrenalin just kicked in and I went for him," he explained.

He attempted to push the intruder back out the window but broke his wrist trying to do so.

"I couldn't keep holding him back, and he started kicking out at anything he could. This lad was knocking over everything."

The intruder managed to knock several records, guitars, books and even a set of speakers off the wall.

However, the incident soon escalated when the thug attempted to bite the musician


"He was screaming at me, and then all of a sudden he went to bite my ear off. He just snapped at it with his teeth, so I grabbed him by the throat and put him onto the floor."

The raider also badly scratched Mr Walsh's arm during the attack, which he didn't realise until after the incident.

"This lad must have been off his face on something, because one minute he was calm and relaxed, and the next he was screaming at me," Thomas said.

As he was sitting on the thug to prevent him from escaping, a neighbour heard the commotion.

The concerned woman called the landlady informing her that there were worrying sounds coming from the downstairs apartment.

"Luckily the landlady was driving by Crumlin Garda Station, so she drove in and told the cops there was something happening in her flat.

"Within five minutes the gardai were here and arrested the man, thankfully," Thomas explained.

However despite the incident ending with the perpetrator being arrested, Thomas said that the break-in has left him in shock and he is now looking for a new home.

"I'm just in absolute shock, as you would be. I'm desperate for a new place to live. The landlady here is great, but after an incident like that I need to find somewhere new to rent," he said.