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Question 1: You see French bread on sale for 59c a loaf. The sticker has an offer of three for €1.50 or five for €2.85. What's the best value?

Question 2: A coat which was originally priced at €103 is now 20pc off. But there's an additional 10pc off that amount if you buy today. How much would you pay?

a. €82.40

b. €74.16

c. €72.10

Question 3: You want to spend €5,000 to change your car. You can get a five-year credit union loan at 7pc interest per year, a three-year bank loan for 9pc or take the money out of your savings account where it's earning 4pc a year over three years. What's the cheapest option?

Question 4: You put 1c into a jar on January 1 and double up every day (2c on 2nd; 4c on 3rd; 8c on 4th etc). How much is in the jar on January 31?

a. €32.80

b. €64

c. €2,540

d. Over €10M