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Sinead O'Connor joins Sinn Fein and calls for the leadership to stand down


Sinead O'Connor

Sinead O'Connor

Sinead O'Connor

Sinead O'Connor has joined Sinn Fein.

The entertainment star took to Facebook last night to share the news with her fans.

"I joined Sinn Fein today," she wrote.

"Because resolving issue number one is the way to resolve all current issues.

"Issue number one is we don't own our country.

"I might not even be the kind of person they want, because I'm gonna write here that I feel the elders of Sinn Fein are going to have to make 'the supreme sacrifice' and step down shortly in the same way the last Pope did.

"It was the smart thing for him to do because his association in people's minds with frightful things meant the church were losing bums on seats, if I may use a showbiz term.

"And now they have barely a seat to spare.

"Pure cold business.

"There'd be a zillion per cent increase in membership of Sinn Fein if the leadership were handed over to those born from 1983/1985 onward and no one associated in people's minds with frightful things.

"Frightful things belong where they are now, in the past.

"That increase would resolve issue number one.

"Ergo all current issues would be resolved .

"People are open to it now.

"A brand new country.

"Run by everyone of every nationality who lives in all of it."

Following some colourful responses to the decision from her fans she later added on Facebook: "For anyone who is confused, Sinn Fein is no longer associated with the use of violence."