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Sinead bounces back to thank fans for support

SINGER Sinead O'Connor has thanked her fans for their support and said she no longer feels suicidal.

The mum-of-four said that she felt much better after receiving help from a doctor.

"Thanks everyone. I'm sorry about getting so upset," she said.

"But ... love me, love my dog I suppose. Anyway, am good. Found new doctor."

Sinead (44) said that several doctors told her that she is not bipolar but she just suffers from depression.

"I'm fine, not upset. All is well. Sorry upset people," she said.

"Better out than in. You would think in a country full of lunatics it would be easy to find a psychiatrist," she added.

The Dubliner said that she would turn to her first love of music to help her get over her latest down period.

"To me, being with my kids is best cure and then second is making music," Sinead said.

The Nothing Compares 2 U singer also said this morning on Twitter that she is still looking for a partner.

"Must announce boyfriend search very much still on," she said.

But after this, Sinead added a string of negative comments about herself.

Concerned friends have rallied around the popular star after her latest worrying string of online postings on Twitter.

The latest post came after Gardai called to Sinead's home yesterday after the alarm was raised that she felt suicidal.

"I wish suicide would kill me," she wrote.