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simone's a proper roc star, says dad

Legendary Irish designer John Rocha has praised his daughter's foray into the fashion world.

While Simone is something of a London Fashion Week veteran, having showcased her collections bi-annually at the prestigious event, she received her most glowing review yet - from her father.

The 28-year-old was profiled in The New York Times ahead of her LFW showcase and her proud father - who quietly retired last year - said that his daughter's rise to fame is simply a result of her prolific talent.

"We're two different generations," her dad told the Fashion & Style supplement of the newspaper.


"I'm old-school. I started in 1980. Fashion was totally different then and now. What she does is so current, it's so her. It's very much clothes for her generation and for herself. I think what she's achieved in the last three or four years is almost as good as what I've achieved in my lifetime."

Simone believes "there's no comparison" to London for fashion designers.

She has successfully carved her own path, having won a string of awards, including the Emerging Women's Wear Designer of the Year at the British Fashion Awards and the International Designer of the Year at the Scottish Fashion Awards.

And Simone rubbished any notions of nepotism as she began her career at the age of 20 embarking on a Masters at Central Saint Martin's London.

"I wasn't classically a young designer," she said. "People already knew who Dad was, so they'd know who I was. Loads of people were like: 'She shouldn't have done Fashion East. Does she need it?'"