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Should RTE take Tubridy off Late Late?

RYAN TUBRIDY is paid €533,000 a year -- and his RTE bosses must be wondering today if he's worth it. Figures for the first Late Late Show of the new season show that 650,000 tuned in.

This is a drop of 182,000 on the the first show of last season.

The fact is that The Late Late Show is the national broadcaster's flagship programme, but Tubridy has been found wanting at the helm.

When it comes to asking the hard questions -- like grilling Ronan Keating about his adultery -- the host has stood back.

RTE seem to be blaming everything but the show and its host for the mess they're in.

Soccer, viewing habits and even the weather have all been offered as excuses.

But the buck stops with the man in the chair. And RTE must now consider whether Tubridy should stay there.