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should dublin'sfirst citizen have a name change?

Dublin City Council is to consider a proposal to remove 'Lord' from the title of Lord Mayor, creating a new title for the city's first citizen. The Herald took to the streets to see what Dublin residents thought of these plans.

Here's what they thought.

Ciara Byrne (20), from Carlow but living in Dublin, thought that dropping 'Lord' from the title would make people relate to the position more.

"I think it's a bit old-fashioned and a bit outdated. I think it would be better if the mayor was directly elected so people recognised them."

Julie Heffernan (20), from Castleknock, thought the title and chains were very antiquated.

"It's just really old-fashioned. It doesn't really speak to a modern Dublin. The position being called a Civic Mayor would make it more approachable.

"I think the Mayor should be directly elected so that we know what they stand for."Ciara Fitzpatrick (22), from Rathmines, thought the chains were important to the role.

"I think 'Lord Mayor' sounds very old-fashioned, but I think the chains make theminstantly recognisable."

Alana McGrorey (30), feels that the title is part of the tradition and should be retained.

"It's a PR role for the city and I think the title is part of it. In saying that, though, I do think the Mayor should be directly elected and maybe have more responsibilities."

Peter Cosgrave (20), from Stillorgan, believes that a move to change the title would be more in touch with today's citizens.

"I think the name change would make the position more approachable, but I think they should wear the chains for special occasions and events."