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Shots fired at home of innocent woman


Gardai. File picture

Gardai. File picture

Gardai. File picture

Four shots were fired into the front door of the home of an innocent woman in Drogheda, Co Louth.

Two of the bullets, which were fired from a 9mm handgun, went into the house, including one which lodged into a fridge freezer and another into an internal wall.

The incident unfolded at Scarlet Crescent shortly before 5pm on Wednesday.

The 32-year-old woman who lives in the house was not present when the shooting incident took place and was shocked to arrive home from work to discover a large garda presence.

Ballistic examinations by gardai later established that the bullets fired were 9mm rounds from a handgun.

Gardai are appealing for information about the gun attack and say that they are satisfied that the gunman targeted the wrong house.

However, detectives have not established who the intended target of the attack was.

"Gardai are absolutely certain that this was a case of mistaken identity," a source said.

"The woman is very decent and is completely shocked by what has happened. To come back to your house after work and to see so many gardai around must have been shocking.

"She is very lucky that she was not in the property at the time as one of the bullets got as far as lodging into a fridge freezer which obviously means that she could have been killed if she was standing at it," a senior source explained.

There has been a number of anti-social behaviour problems in the Scarlet Crescent estate this year.

In an unrelated case in May, Drogheda Borough council applied for an exclusion order for certain people who did not live in the estate to keep out of it.

At the time, a local councillor welcomed the move and said it was unfair that Scarlet Crescent was being described as the "estate from hell" because of the incidents which were happening there.