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Shotgun pointed at man's head in car theft


Pic of stolen Merc

Pic of stolen Merc

Pic of stolen Merc

A young mechanic was held at gunpoint as a car worth around €60k was stolen from the garage he was working in.

The mechanic, aged in his late 20s, was robbed by three masked men wielding shotguns and a hammer at around 8pm last Tuesday.

The aggravated robbery happened at a garage in the Cookstown Enterprise Park in Tallaght.

The raiders demanded the keys to a Mercedes S Class S320 which had been left in the workshop for over a week for servicing.

The thugs threatened to shoot the terrified mechanic, with one of the men holding a shotgun up to his head.

The victim went into the office to get the keys of the vehicle as the robbers continued to threaten him. The Mercedes was parked on a ramp which had to be lowered in order to let the men make their escape.

However, an SUV was blocking the thieves' escape and they demanded the worker move it out of their way.

Even when the vehicle was moved the men did not know how to start the engine as the vehicle's gears were on the steering wheel of the car.

A gun was then again held to the mechanic's head as they told him to show the thugs how to start the car, before eventually making their escape.


The owners of the car have also offered a cash reward to anyone with information that leads to the safe return of the vehicle.

The raid was the second aggravated robbery involving a motor vehicle in the last week.

Last Sunday evening a 19-year-old had his car stolen from him at knifepoint as he took two potential buyers on a test drive. The two men held a knife to the victim's throat as they drove along the M50 southbound and told the teenager to "choose between you car or your life".