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Shotgun pellet pipe bombs put makers in peril

Reckless Dublin criminals are risking their lives by cutting open shotgun cartridges to make crude pipe bombs, experts say.

Two of the same style IEDs have been discovered in the south inner city recently, including one at a flat complex at Vincent Street last Wednesday.

The Army bomb disposal unit were able to make the Vincent Street device safe by simply twisting off the screw-on top of the pipe bomb, and pouring out the contents -- gunshot powder and nails.

It was placed on a balcony at a flat complex at Vincent Street, off Clanbrassil Street, where it was discovered at around 4am. The flat was empty, but others nearby had to be evacuated.

One expert said: "It's only a matter of time before someone sustains fatal injuries by cutting up these cartridges. They are literally taking their life in their hands. Only an idiot would do it."