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Shops open early as fans snap up latest in Fifty Shades of Grey series

EAGER fans of the Fifty Shades of Grey series snapped up copies of the latest instalment, simply titled Grey, in Dublin today.

Easons stores across the country opened earlier than normal for the release, with the O'Connell Street outlet opening at 7.30am.

Michelle Poole (27) from Coolock, came in to buy the book for her sister Stacey.

"My sister is really into them, she couldn't wait for it to come out. She sent me a picture of the book so I would know to get the right one and then texted me first thing this morning to remind me to get it again."

Amy Foran (25) said: "I think after having read the first one I've just become more and more addicted and can't put them down so I'm excited to read it.

"I've read all the series so I'll be interested to see what he has to say at this stage."

The Finglas native was not expecting the book to be released so soon.


"I was out to do some shopping and it caught my eye on the way in, I completely forgot it was out," she said.

Easons have been inundated with pre-order requests for the last minute release of Grey; Fifty Shades of Grey as told by Christian.

Pre-orders have hit record levels for Easons, as the book has sold 240pc more copies than the next highest pre-ordered book ever for the booksellers.

Darragh O'Callaghan, book buyer for Easons said they are expecting a busy weekend.

"The DVD is released tomorrow, the book today, so it's turning into a bit of a Grey weekend," he said.

"Obviously with the first three books doing so well we're expecting a massive push to get the latest one.

"This is not timid, I'm warning you now," Darragh joked. "Because it's from Christian's perspective it is a lot more explicit than the books told from Anna's side."

Fifty Shades of Grey as told by Christian was only announced to be released two weeks ago and is the latest shock announcement for avid bookworms this year.

"2015 has been a year of surprises with Harper Lee announcing a new novel in July, and now we have a fourth book from EL James," said Stephen Boylan, Eason books category manager.