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Shops for stem cells on way

Stem cell "pharmacies" that dispense tissue therapies could be as common as chemist shops in 20 years time, according to a top scientist.

Professor David Warburton said the era of stem cell technology was only just beginning. In two decades he expected it to yield undreamed-of forms of treatment for damaged body parts and organs.

He said: "In about 20 years time we will have stem cell banks like we now have pharmacies. You'll get a diagnosis for a specific problem and be given stem cells to treat that problem."

Facebook gets panic button

Young Facebook users will be able to report suspicious online behaviour and access safety advice with the launch of a new application today.

All users will be able to access an advice centre from their homepage where there will be a dedicated facility for reporting suspected grooming or inappropriate sexual behaviour.

The facility is the result of a joint initiative between Facebook and the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre.

Jim Gamble, chief executive of the CEOP Centre said: "Today is a good day for child protection.

"We know from speaking to offenders that a visible deterrent could protect young people online.

'Crab eyes' row rocks Big Bruv

There were tears in the Big Brother house when John James failed in his efforts to mend his fractured friendship with Josie and was left blubbing in the diary room.

A dispute about whether Josie had called John James "crab eyes" in front of new housemate Keeley started the row.

John James repeatedly tried to build bridges but Josie said their friendship was over.