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Shops at full stretch to meet Silly Bandz craze

It's the latest craze to hit the schoolyard.

But these rubber elastic bracelets are sending parents into a frenzy.

Silly Bandz have become the official 'must have' item among tweens here, and are so popular that they are selling out in various outlets throughout the country.

The bracelets first took the US by storm earlier this year -- and since primary and secondary school students have returned to school the trend is spreading.

Claire's Accessories in Dundrum Shopping Centre is sold out of the bracelets while B-Cool in Dundrum has also sold out in recent weeks.

Manager of B-Cool Eamon Kelly said: "There has been a huge interest in them all of a sudden.

"We've had them in a little while -- but in the last three weeks or so, there are mums constantly coming in looking for them for their children.


"It seems to have all taken off since kids returned to school.

"We've already sold out of them and just got a new batch in. There are all different types and versions available.

"In terms of products, it's probably the most interest we've had in one specific item. I think it's just the latest of these 'craze' items."

Smyths Toy Store has also noticed a surge in sales since the schools have returned.

"The craze seems to have really increased since school is back in session.

"We've been stocking the bracelets for the last few months, but in the last three weeks there has been a huge growth," a spokesperson for the toy store explained.

"I think it's just one of these crazes that are going to last another while longer. We stock the official Silly Bandz bracelets, which retail for €4.99 for a packet of 24.

"They come in all colours, shapes and sizes. The bands are pretty much in every shape or form.

"You can get animal themed bracelets which come in the forms of monkeys or fish -- although dolphins have proven the most popular," the spokesperson added.


Once you put the bracelet on your wrist, it loses its shape -- but children can rest assured that it maintains its shape again once you take it off, no matter how long you were wearing it for.

"They are particularly popular with young teens, so anyone from the age of ten upwards.

"But once teenagers start wearing things, the younger ones follow the trend as well," the spokesperson said.

"A lot of the girls are swapping shapes and colours as well."