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Shoppers are getting smarter and know exactly what they want

IRISH shoppers are now better informed, smarter and more empowered.

They can shop on the bus, browse while on the move and compare prices from anywhere in the world. They can buy whatever they want, whenever they want, wherever they want, Ogilvy digital media strategist Claire Carroll (pictured) told a shopping trends debate.

Speaking at the seminar hosted by ambient agency Visualise, Carroll said social media is changing Irish consumer habits.

People now get product information from Google and social media. Digital provides brands with call-to-action opportunities which makes shopping more enjoyable.

Shoppercentric UK founder Danielle Pinnington said if marketers understand consumers -- their mindset and their needs -- they are better placed to deliver retail experiences which prompt purchases.

The recession has changed how shoppers behave.

Assumptions about how consumers choose products, how they perceive value and how they influence behaviour are based less on reality and more on numbers, Rory Sutherland, vice chairman of Ogilvy UK, said. But sadly these models dominate marketing thinking these days.

Sutherland said new findings question what the economists said and suggest that many long-held marketing instincts may prove to be true.

Visualise sales and marketing director Caemin O'Connor said by studying the best shopper marketing trends and analysing new research on consumers, brands can better connect with shoppers and grow in-store sales.