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Shop window shatters in freak storm

THE rain, thunder and lightning that hit Dublin yesterday will not be repeated in the coming days, with Met Eireann promising a weekend of pleasant weather.

During freak weather in Dublin city centre yesterday evening, a large pane of glass from a department store window crashed to the ground.

Dublin Fire Brigade closed off a busy pedestrian area at King Street South when a third-floor window shattered at the H&M store during intense rain.

Nobody was injured and a lightning strike is being considered as one of the possible causes of the incident.

Met Eireann issued a number of warnings throughout the adverse conditions yesterday, which were attributed to an area of low atmospheric pressure, which moved slowly across the country.

The agency warned there would be rainfall of more than 25mm in places in an alert that lasted until midnight last night.

A small craft warning was also issued following reports of strong winds.


A Met Eireann forecaster told the Herald today that the muggy conditions around teatime caused the air to get light and rise very fast, releasing large amounts of energy which resulted in the intense conditions. Two funnel clouds -- rotating columns of wind that look like a cone -- were reported yesterday, one at Forth Mountain in Co Wexford and one at Bettystown beach in Co Meath.

Donegal and parts of Connacht were worst hit, with it raining in some parts for the entire day.

Showers and isolated thunderstorms were scattered around various parts of the country.

In Dublin, flooding forced the closure of Bayside Dart Station, which is located in an underpass. It remained closed from 10am to about 3.30pm as pumps were brought in to clear the water.

Met Eireann said there would be a marked improvement in the weather from today.

Conditions are expected to be much drier although there will be a few showers in the south-east and the east.

There were strong winds reported across the east and north-east but these are also expected to calm.

Tomorrow will be dry and bright although there will be some rain later in the day.

The forecaster said the weekend will be fairly pleasant. Saturday will start with some cloud and drizzle but it will clear up and become quite warm. Sunday will be even warmer and remain mainly dry and quite pleasant.