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Shop staff threatened in two raids on same day


Gardai arrive at the scene at Ladbrokes in Killinarden

Gardai arrive at the scene at Ladbrokes in Killinarden

Gardai arrive at the scene at Ladbrokes in Killinarden

Gardai are investigating two robberies on opposite sides of the city in which masked raiders threatened shop staff and escaped with cash.

The first robbery happened at the Daybreak shop on Jamestown Road in Finglas at 9.35am on Sunday when three raiders wearing balaclavas and gloves ran in armed with large knives.

They threatened staff before escaping with what is described as a small amount of cash.

In an unrelated robbery at 3.45pm two men entered the Ladbrokes betting office in Killinarden Shopping Centre in Tallaght.

Witnesses said they threatened staff and were armed with a handgun and sledgehammer.


They escaped on foot with a sum of cash believed to be less than €1,000.

No arrests have been made in relation to either incident and no injuries were reported, although it is believed staff were left shocked in each case.

The betting office has been targeted previously.

In April 2012 a raider torched the public counter after failing to get any cash from staff.

Two women working in the bookies had a lucky escape when the masked man entered the shop armed with a handgun and a can of petrol.

He demanded cash and threatened to kill the women.

The employees did not hand over any cash and the irritated raider responded to this by dousing the inside of the premises with petrol. He then set fire to the protective screen that one of the women was behind.

The fire took hold very quickly and one of the employees was able to escape from the inferno and get help to save the staff member behind the security screen.

The employees and the man who came to help were later treated at Tallaght Hospital for smoke inhalation.

The bookies was completely gutted in the fire and the raider fled the scene.