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Shock as PETA says advert is inspired by grim leg find

A billboard by animal rights group PETA, "inspired" by the recent discovery of human limbs at a recycling plant in west Dublin, has been slammed as "disgusting".

The ad, displaying a human leg on a dinner plate is set to be splashed on a billboard as "close to Thornton's recycling plant as possible" according to the organisation.

Human remains, including leg parts, were discovered at the Ballyfermot facility last week. PETA claims that the move is to encourage Dubliners to go vegan, but local representatives in Ballyfermot have blasted the publicity stunt.


Lord Mayor of Dublin Christy Burke was shocked to learn of the group's plans. "It's clearly a publicity stunt - and a disgusting one," he told the Herald.

Ben Williamson, a spokesperson for PETA, said: "At present, this victim, like the victims killed and dismembered for their flesh, has no name and no one to grieve for him.

"Pigs, cows and chickens also have families, but those relationships are severed without a moment's thought."