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Shirtless rowing champ 'shouted' at front door

A UNIVERSITY rowing champion was arrested when gardai found him shirtless and drunkenly shouting in the front garden of a south Dublin house.

Undergraduate student Michael Noonan (21), described as an "academically very bright" man, had got drunk while celebrating his team winning a rowing championship.

Noonan, of Kingston Avenue, Ballinteer, pleaded guilty to public drunkenness and trespassing at Winton Road, Ranelagh, on July 22.

The court heard gardai were called at 1.40am after a report that a man was in the front garden of a house, shouting at the front door.

Noonan was in the garden, shirtless and intoxicated when the officers arrived. He had no connection with the residents and no excuse for being there.

The court heard Noonan was about to go into the third year of a university course.

He was "academically very bright", said his solicitor John Feaheny.


Noonan competed in rowing and won a championship on the day of the incident. He had gone out celebrating and drunk too much.

Judge Cormac Dunne told Noonan he had every advantage in life and had shown "huge disrespect" to his family through his actions.

He said it would have been very distressing for the residents to find someone outside their home in the early hours of the morning.

Mr Feaheny said his client had written a letter about what happened "off his own bat". This was handed in to court along with a character reference.

Judge Dunne adjourned the case for eight weeks.

"When are you going to start acting responsibly when you take alcohol?" the judge asked him.

Noonan replied: "I won't drink again if that is what it takes."

"Nobody can tell you what to do. Do it because it is right," said the judge.