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She's got legs . . . Irish model Ciara wins best pins in the UK

AN IRISH model has been named the 'legs' of Pretty Polly after beating off stiff competition from across Ireland and the UK.

Ciara O'Doherty (22) was chosen from over 700 hopefuls to become the ambassador for the hosiery brand and has now been signed up by a London modelling agency.

Open to the whole of the UK and Ireland, the competition began on Facebook with hopefuls urged to upload their best 'leggy' photo.

The Irish model threw her legs into the ring after encouragement from friends, but said she was flabbergasted to win.

"I found out about the competition through a friend who sent me the link saying she thought I'd be perfect for it. Flattered, I uploaded my best leggy photo, never once thinking I would get to where I did.

"I was pretty overwhelmed with the response and support I got, and was absolutely delighted when I realised I was in the top 11," said Ciara. After over half a million votes, the final 11 girls were invited to the judging day in London last month where each had their individual photoshoot.

"The final was held in a famous London photographer's studio, everything was so luxurious and downright fancy, I had never seen anything like it," said Ciara.

"When I was announced as the winner I was shocked.

"It was only when my sister Claire ran over to me whooping and hollering that I snapped out of it, and began to realise what was in store for me," she added.


"I also feel very proud that an Irish girl is now representing a huge company such as Pretty Polly," said the Galway model.

The youngest of four sisters from Kilcolgan, 'tomboy' Ciara says she did not develop a real interest in fashion until she was in her late teens.

As part of her prize Ciara is now signed with Leni Modelling Agency in London and is looking forward to the next year representing Pretty Polly.