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Shatter gives green light for 400 defence recruits

DEFENCE Minister Alan Shatter has given the green light for the recruitment of more than 400 new army, navy and air corps personnel.

The new recruits will bring the Defence Forces staffing levels back up to 9,500.

Minister Shatter said that this will aid Ireland in maintaining the maximum flexibility to undertake challenging overseas missions.

The 400-recruit intake for the Permanent Defence Force (PDF) will be supplemented by 500 new recruits for the Reserve Defence Forces. The selection process will begin in five weeks.


"This is a very important day for the Defence Forces," he said.

"I am hoping we will have lots of people interested. The objective is to maintain the strength within the PDF which means we have a rolling recruitment campaign. We have members of the PDF in 14 different overseas missions across the world, the greatest number in the history of the State.

"We have large numbers in southern Lebanon and the Golan Heights but we have smaller numbers in places like Somalia, Kosovo and Mali."

Mr Shatter said the 400 job recruitment will bring the PDF back to optimal operating levels.