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Shatter calls gardai over racist video

GARDAI are to investigate a racist video aimed against Justice Minister Alan Shatter which was posted on the internet.

The abusive two-minute long posting repeatedly refers to Mr Shatter's Jewish roots in a derogatory manner.

Mr Shatter told the Herald that the video is an incitement to hatred and he has discussed the matter with the Garda Commissioner. The minister also asked YouTube to remove the item from its website.

However, Mr Shatter was informed this morning that a new, even more offensive, video has been put up on the site by the same group, which he believes has links to a far-right organisation in the UK.

"This is not only anti-Semitic, it is racist. It violates all the principles and criteria of YouTube," he added.

Mr Shatter said he is concerned that another video has appeared.

"This group is particularly obsessed," he told the Herald.

"It's contrary to incitement to hatred laws. I have discussed the matter with the Garda Commissioner," the minister added.

He said the gardai will be investigating the videos.

Mr Shatter said he is aware there are individuals in Ireland who are targeting him and other minority groups.

"I'm more concerned about the others than I am myself," the Dublin South TD said.

In the video, Mr Shatter's image is interspersed with the Israeli flag while Israeli folk music plays in the background.

Among the milder pieces of text is a claim that Mr Shatter has fast-tracked asylum applications, "most of which are bogus".

It was posted by a user calling themselves E1REANN on January 25 last.

The latest video, which contains the text How The Jews In Ireland View You, was put up on March 25 by the same user.