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Shane's mum got hate-mail after murder-suicide

The mother of the young Dublin man who took his own life after killing his ex-girlfriend's partner in 2009 was targeted with hate-mail after the shocking incident, she has said.

Leonie Fennell blames the attack of the effects of anti-depressant medication her son Shane Clancy (22) was taking when he stabbed himself after killing Bray man Sebastian Creane (22) almost five years ago.

"I received plenty of hate-mail following Shane's death," she has said.

"One person thought it was for my own good. He said he was being cruel to be kind. You eventually get used to the nastiness."
"That awful feeling following each 'cruel to be kind' correspondence lessens over time," Leonie added.

Shane was gripped by jealousy when he killed Sebastian because he saw him with his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Halligan (26).

After buying a set of knives in Cornelscourt, Shane drove to Bray where he stabbed Sebastian to death.

He then stabbed Jennifer before stabbing Sebastian's brother Dylan and proceeding to take his own life.


Shane's body was found at the rear of the Creane home in Bray with a number of self-inflicted knife wounds.

He had been depressed in the weeks before the tragedy and had been on medication.

Leonie has since campaigned for greater controls surrounding anti-depressant drugs known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), and appeared on the Late Late Show weeks after the incident to raise awareness and voice her concerns about the medication being prescribed to depressed people.

Meanwhile, a decision is expected this Thursday by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) following a complaint made by Leonie against TV3, over a documentary aired in March.

Leonie said the decision "largely upholds the majority of her complaint".

"I agreed to take part in a documentary , but I felt further traumatised," she said.