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Shameless pair
wade in 'fishing' for charity coins

a VIDEO of two men scooping up money from a fountain in a Dublin shopping centre has sparked outrage after it was posted online.

The shocking footage taken this week in the Irish Life shopping centre on Talbot Street in the city centre shows the brazen pair taking off their socks and shoes and rolling up their tracksuit bottoms.

They then step into the water to pick up a number of the coins.

They make no effort to disguise themselves as they rummage around, fishing out the change that shoppers have generously thrown into the fountain for charity.


On Tuesday morning Ritchie Malone who captured the scenes on his phone voiced his disgust at the act.

The frontman of rock band Raid related how he spotted two feet on the edge of the fountain out of the corner of his eye while he sat nearby having a coffee during a meeting with his bandmates.

"I had a look around and the guy was fully stretched out, just grabbing as much as he could," Richie told the Herald.

The singer said that by the time he neared the fountain five minutes later to have a closer look at the man, an accomplice had arrived.

The Dubliner then began secretly recording events as a security guard realised what was happening and attempted to remove the two men from the centre.

In the video, the security man is heard saying: "Get out before I pull you out," before one of his colleague's arrives.

Perplexed members of the public stopped to watch the scene.

The men, who look to be in their 20s, were standing ankle deep in the water had been passing the coins to a woman sitting on the edge of the fountain.


One of the men eventually puts on his socks and shoes when the security guard arrives and leaves but the others continued to grab at change left at the bottom of the fountain.

The feature is located near the Talbot Street entrance of the centre.

Ritchie described the trio as having no shame whatsoever with the woman collecting the coins seen openly laughing as she watched on.

"I'm just disappointed I couldn't get a better video.

"I just cannot believe people would stoop so low," Mr Malone added.

"It's the first time I've seen something on that level, it's baffling to be honest," he added.

The charity that benefitted from the coins dropped into the fountain by passers-by was the organisation Fighting Blindness.