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Shameful Anglo HQ is finally put to good use as artists stage guerrilla exhibition

FINALLY, somebody has found a decent use for the now defunct Anglo HQ.

A group of artists has staged a guerrilla exhibition at the derelict site.

The collection of paintings was put in place today around the outside of the empty building on North Wall Quay, Dublin.

It is understood the numerous artists involved are hoping to spark a debate about Government agency Nama and the state of Ireland as a nation following its economic collapse.

One painting includes the words "scattered to the wind", which is understood to be a reference to the mass emigration of Ireland's youth due to unemployment.

Another piece depicts Taoiseach Enda Kenny opening his shirt to reveal a skeleton featuring bowels made of coins.

The former Anglo Irish Bank, now called the Irish Bank Resolution Corporation, is widely associated with Ireland's downfall as a result of the excessive lending that helped the country go from boom to bust.