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SF owes us explanation over ink use

SERIOUS questions must be answered by Sinn Fein following fresh 'printergate' revelations. It has now emerged that their Northern representative Pat Doherty spent £16,000 -- €19,400 -- on printer cartridges in two and a half years.

Sinn Fein members account for nine of the top 20 ink users in the Northern Assembly.

The revelations come just weeks after it emerged that party TD Aengus O Snodaigh took €50,000 worth of printer cartridges from the Dail over a two-year period. He claimed he used the ink to produce constituency leaflets. The Sinn Fein TD has refused to repay the €50,000.

Is it a coincidence that one of O Snodaigh's party colleagues has now been caught running up huge printer bills in the North?

Sinn Fein must explain how, and why, their members feel entitled to run up such reckless bills -- because the taxpayer foots them.