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SF is 'profiting' from our misery blasts Noonan

SINN FEIN is making a political profit on the back of people's suffering, says Finance Minister Michael Noonan.

In an attack on Gerry Adams' party, Mr Noonan suggested the party was not as concerned about the plight of hard-pressed families as it claims.

The Fine Gael TD has accused the party of exploiting the economic crisis for its own gain.

"You hope to build your party on the suffering of the Irish people," said Mr Noonan, adding: "Out of disaster, you will grow."


His comments came after Sinn Fein complained that AJ Chopra and the other Troika members are refusing to meet Opposition parties during their current visit to Dublin.

The team from the IMF, European Commission and European Central Bank is in the country conducting a review of the bailout.

Mr Noonan claims part of the reason behind the Troika's reluctance to meet Sinn Fein was that it doesn't trust them to accurately report any conversations that take place behind closed doors.

"They had a fear of being misrepresented when they met in private," he said, adding that he has no control over who the delegates meet during their stay.

However, the minister said that he proposed a compromise whereby members of the IMF-EU team could appear before the Oireachtas finance committee to answer questions from all parties.