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Sex shop owner is spared prison

THE owner of a struggling sex shop has been spared jail for illegally selling potentially-dangerous Viagra-like drugs.

John Nolan (62), owner of the Miss Euro 2 adult store in Dublin's North Circular Road, was fined €3,000 after he pleaded guilty to three charges contrary to the Medicines Board Act. He also agreed to pay €2,750 in expenses.

Nolan admitted unlawful supply of medicines and placing products on the market without authorisation.

Judge John O'Neill said he had taken into consideration that Nolan had reached this stage of his life without any convictions. He spared him a jail sentence but imposed €1,000 fines for each offence.

UK army easing rules on tattoos

The British army is easing restrictions on hand and neck tattoos.

The defence ministry said: "Tattoos have become more acceptable in society, and in recent years there has been an increasing number of personnel with tattoos on visible areas.

"There is no evidence that commanders have found these to have an adverse impact on operational effectiveness and as a result there has been reluctance to discharge those who breached the policy."

Pig cruelty case is bowled out

Prosecutors in Australia have dropped cruelty charges against a man who smuggled a pig into the opening day of the Ashes cricket series between Australia and England last November at the Gabba ground.

David Gunn was charged after security guards spotted the pig being carried in a baby harness. A prosecutor told Brisbane Magistrates' Court that no evidence would be offered against Gunn.

Speed camera brings in €1m

A speed camera in Cardiff could be the UK's most prolific after generating more than £800,000 (€1m) worth of fines in only six months.

Road safety group GoSafe Wales said the camera caught 13,624 speeding motorists and 146 running red lights between January and June.

If it continues at its present rate, by 2017 it would have caught more than 82,000 offenders.