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Sex charge man caught fleeing the country back in court today


Mian Mujahid Ali Shahid

Mian Mujahid Ali Shahid

Mian Mujahid Ali Shahid

Mian Mujahid Ali Shahid, the Pakistani national who was taken off a plane for Dubai at Dublin Airport on Monday night, has been remanded in custody until today to appear before an extradition hearing at the Criminal Courts of Justice.

Shahid was arrested by Gda Enda Ledwith on foot of a European Extradition Warrant issued by police in the UK where he is wanted to serve a 30-month jail sentence for sexual assault.

Gda Ledwith told Mr Justice Anthony Hunt that he entered the Emirates aircraft on the apron at Dublin Airport and questioned Shahid as to his identity, which he had confirmed, and produced the warrant.


He said he had taken Shahid off the plane and cautioned and arrested him, taking him to Clontarf Garda Station for processing of the warrant. He took him to the High Court yesterday morning.

Shahid, who is 19, was convicted in his absence at Stafford Crown Court last April 13 of two counts of sexually assaulting an 18-year-old woman. A month later he was sentenced to 30 months, also in his absence.

Judge Hunt was told that the national media in Ireland had been used in the search for Shahid, who was believed to have moved from Scotland to Ireland earlier this year.