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Sex beast Larry Murphy breaks leg in pub brawl in London


Larry Murphy

Larry Murphy

Larry Murphy

NOTORIOUS rapist Larry Murphy reportedly broke his leg in a pub brawl in London.

The sex beast was allegedly involved in a fight with a group of men near to his new home in a north east suburb of the British city.

Murphy (50) then made the injury worse when he was involved in a workplace accident shortly after the attack, according to the Irish Sun.

The convicted criminal was in a drunken argument in his local bar in the north east of London - but it was in no way linked to his previous sickening crimes.

"He was involved in some stupid pub row, not linked to his past," a source told the newspaper.

"He told police about it and hobbled around in a cast for a while."

The source added that Larry is a regular in the local drinking spot.


Murphy is reportedly still in a relationship with a woman he was spotted with last year.

This woman is well aware of his conviction. He served 10 years of a 15-year sentence for rape and attempted murder of a woman in 2000.

Murphy is also a suspect in the case of missing women Annie McCarrick, Jo Jo Dollard and Deirdre Jacob.

A cold case investigation into the disappearance of Deirdre Jacob is now being focused on links established to the rapist.

Murphy refused to co-operate with detectives while he was serving a term for rape in prison here.

He was asked directly if he had anything to do with Deirdre's murder, but simply told gardai that he would get back to them.

Retired Detective Sergeant Alan Bailey visited Arbour Hill prison after Murphy's release, where he met a prisoner who told him Murphy had boasted that he had killed Deirdre "with a hammer."

The prisoner claimed that Murphy told him he followed Deirdre as she walked to her parents' home.

Murphy further told his prison pal that he had beckoned the teenager over to his car, knocked her unconscious and dragged her on to the front seat.

A cold case review is also focused on established facts that Murphy was in the Newbridge area around the time Deirdre had disappeared in 1998.

In addition, his business card was found at her grandmother's sweet shop after her death.

Deirdre's father Michael issued a fresh appeal for two months ago for information on the disappearance of his then 18-year-old daughter.

Her mother Bernadette said: "We're as wise today as we were the day Deirdre went missing. We have absolutely nothing to go on and it's very hard to continue."