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'Sex assault list' in school toilets ranked girl students


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A garda investigation is under way into the posting of a so-called sexual assault list in the toilets of an Irish school.

The list was posted in the male toilets of Davis College in Mallow, Co Cork.

It asked people to place a tick beside the name of various young women.

Shockingly, the list then advised that the young woman who garnered the greatest number of ticks beside her name would be targeted for a sexual assault.

All those listed are minors and the matter has now been referred to gardai based at Mallow Garda Station, who are investigating.

The teenage girls named on the list are all students at the school.

One source indicated that the young women named were very upset by the publicity the incident has generated and worried it would distract from their studies.

Last night, the parent of one of the girls involved said she was "distraught".

"The minute that the school was made aware of this incident they acted quickly to have this list removed and sat down with each of the students directly affected, including my daughter," the parent said.

"Following her conversation with her teachers in the school, she was ready to move on and put this unpleasant incident behind her.


"This is something which was upsetting enough for my daughter at the time, and who now is distraught after hearing about it being talked about across the airwaves."

The parent was concerned that, in a small community, "this type of information cannot be kept secret for long".

One parent at the school, who is not connected to any of the young women on the list, had told Cork's RedFM there was deep shock at what had happened.

Davis College stressed that it was taking the matter very seriously.

"The safety and well-being of all of our students is our top priority," principal Stephen Gilbert said.

"We are taking this issue extremely seriously, and immediately took steps to address it with both the affected students and student body at large. This work is continuing.

"The list was removed the minute we were notified of its existence and we spoke to each of the young ladies mentioned to answer any questions or concerns they had.

"We encouraged them - as we encourage all of our students - to come to us with any issues that may be of concern so that we can support them in any way possible."

It is understood that if the person or persons who compiled and posted the list are identified, they will face disciplinary action.