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Sex abuser now living near to his distraught victim

Convicted sex abuser John Carvin has moved to a new home just five minutes away from his victim, who says she is "fuming" and feels that she must now leave north Dublin as a result.

Stephanie Phoenix (20) was sexually assaulted by her stepfather's brother at the age of seven and even though he was convicted last May, he walked free from court with no jail time.

"He's making me feel like I have to move - him being here. I feel like I'm the one being pushed out. It feels like I have to move," Ms Phoenix told the Herald.


Carvin, who had an address in Swords, was run from his 
home when locals found out about his sex assault conviction.

He fled his home two weeks ago after protesters surrounded it late into the night.

Carvin also had his house attacked after news broke of his conviction.

"The door was smashed in, the window in the sitting 
room was smashed in, people got into his house and he ran upstairs and locked himself into a room," Ms Phoenix said.

"He had to leave the night when the protesters were there. The last ones left at 4am or 5am and he then left," she added.

Carvin has also driven past her home since he moved into her area.

The young woman decided to waive her right to anonymity in a bid to seek justice after 
her attacker walked free from court.

Last June, Carvin (45) was handed down a three-year sentence - all of which was suspended.

"I've seen him a good few times, he's been driving around," said Ms Phoenix.

"He drove past my house. My sister and brother were outside and saw him and he was 
covering his face.

"They saw him going by in the car."

Locals in the Swords area where he lived were so alarmed that they stopped allowing their children to use the playground located opposite his house.

The woman, who broke her silence so that he could be named, believes that the local attention brought to him has meant he has had to move from the vicinity of the play area.


"It's deserved because it's getting him away from the playground. There were no kids in the playground when parents found out where he lived.

"And if I was in their position I wouldn't want him living near the playground either," she stated.

Ms Phoenix now feels very angry that he is living near her family home.

"I was fuming [when I found out]. He has no care in the world for what he did.

"He has no shame. He doesn't care if he bumps into me," she added.