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Sex abuse by medics 'worse than the church'

THE scale of sexual abuse by medical practitioners against patients could be far worse than the scandals that rocked the Catholic Church, it was claimed today.

Dignity4Patients, which is supporting more than 250 alleged victims, has demanded a State inquiry into the abuse of patients after allegations were made against male and female consultants, doctors and nurses from all over the country.

Bernadette Sullivan, executive director, warned medics were able to abuse more than other professions, with most privately seeing a new patient every 10 to 15 minutes.

"The scale of numbers a doctor can abuse as compared to a priest are huge," said the former nurse-turned-whistleblower.


"The worrying thing about the medical profession, and why there has to be an urgent move to do something about this, is the scale of which they can offend I believe is far greater than any other area of our life."

Dignity4Patients said a dozen different Government-ordered investigations into abuse ha been completed since the group began calling for an inquiry 17 years ago.

The organisation also supports alleged victims of ex-consultant Michael Shine. The pensioner was acquitted of indecent assault on teenage boys at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda but was later struck off the medical register