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Seven shot dead in college gun carnage

SEVEN people have been shot dead after a 43-year-old former student opened fire inside a small Christian university in California.

Several people were also wounded. A chaotic manhunt followed and ended with the suspect, One L Goh, surrendering at a nearby shopping centre around an hour later. He is a former nursing student at the college.

Police first received an emergency call at 10.30am yesterday. Soon after, heavily armed officers swarmed the school in a large industrial park and, for at least an hour, believed the gunman was still be inside.


Art Richards said he was driving by the university on his way to pick up a friend when he spotted a woman hiding in the bushes and pulled over.

When he approached her, she said, "I'm shot" and showed him her arm. "She had a piece of her arm hanging out," Mr Richards said, noting that she was wounded near the elbow.

Mr Richards said he heard 10 gunshots coming from inside the building.

Tashi Wangchuk, whose wife attended the school and witnessed the shooting, said his wife, Dechen Wangzom, was in her vocational nursing class when she heard gunshots. She locked the door and turned off the light.

The gunman "banged on the door several times and started shooting outside and left," he said. Mr Wangchuk said no one was hurt inside his wife's classroom, but that the gunman shot out the glass in the door. He said she did not know the man.

"She's a hero," he said.