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Seven out of ten students 'know a victim of suicide'

ALMOST seven out of 10 Irish students know someone who has committed suicide, according to a new survey.

The vast majority of young people believe that they don't receive enough information about depression.

Over half of those surveyed also admitted to having witnessed bullying online.

And almost one in three confessed they would say things to people online that they would never say to them in person.

The new survey, conducted by youth marketing experts the Student Marketing Network, sampled 1,400 students and was carried out through the website oxygen.ie.

With one in seven admitting that they have been bullied online almost one third said their online behaviour was nastier than in real life.

Thirty per cent have posted pictures or information about a person online without their consent and just under 10pc said they have posted lies and rude comments online.

One out of every two students had difficulty finding help online but over 33pc said they would report a bully to the relevant site.

However, only 13pc said they would talk to their parents about such issues – and of major concern is that one in 10 would tell no one would tell no one about being bullied online.

Fourteen per cent of students spend over six hours online daily, with three per cent spending over 10 hours on the internet on a daily basis.


Facebook and Twitter topped the poll of social media sites accessed, with Youtube and Snapchat following close behind.

The survey also found that one in four spent time gambling online.

Colman Byrne, managing director of Student Marketing Network and oxygen.ie, said: "Our survey has highlighted some very serious issues regarding students' online usage. The prevalence of bullying online is an issue that cannot be ignored.

"And with the increase of suicide among young people it is extremely worrying that over two thirds of students feel they don't receive enough information about depression and suicide. This is something that our Government must address as a matter of urgency."