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Serial rapist Murray quits hospital job

SERIAL rapist Michael Murray has quit his HSE-approved job at a Dublin hospital after news of his post sparked outrage.

The evil predator resigned just hours after the Herald exclusively revealed that he had been hired as a gardener at a facility for elderly and infirm patients.

Murray had been working at St Mary's Hospital in the Phoenix Park for five months without being recognised by staff and patients. He is considered one of the most dangerous ex-cons in Ireland, with his track record including attacks on six women in six days.

The Herald has learned Murray had been working two mornings per week there since September 2009 -- two months after his release from a 13-year rape sentence.

The HSE confirmed that the work was on a voluntary basis through its own Occupational Therapy Service and the Probation Service. Murray was never paid for the work by the HSE, a spokesperson said.

Gardai have expressed a fear that he might strike again but staff and visitors to the hospital had been unaware of his presence there when contacted by the Herald.

The HSE said in its statement: "Michael Murray is not an employee of the Health Service Executive. This individual was taken on as a volunteer and worked two mornings per week under close supervision in the garden at St Mary's Hospital.

"He was not paid by the HSE. He was closely monitored by the Garda and Probation Services, both of whom were aware of his participation in the programme and were supportive of same."

The statement added: "The individual has today ceased his volunteer work at the hospital as he does not want to bring any disrepute to St Mary's Hospital".

One relative of an elderly patient had said of Murray's job: "We didn't know and weren't given the opportunity of having an opinion. This isn't someone who made a mistake being given a second chance. He raped again and again but he got a job here without anyone being told. Who are they trying to protect?"

Earlier this week, Murray moved out of an €800-per-month apartment in Inchicore following uproar from neighbouring residents.

Last July, Murray was released five years early from an 18-year sentence.

The last time he was set free, he attacked six women in six days, raping four of his victims.