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Serial killer suspect fights his 23-year term in Spain

KILLER Eric Wilson has launched an appeal against his conviction for the Costa del Sol bar murder of a British man.

The Irishman, linked to a string of contract killings in and around Dublin, wants judges to overturn his 23-year jail sentence.

'Lucky' Wilson (27) was convicted in July after a three-day trial at a court in Malaga of blasting 24-year-old roofer Dan Smith to death last summer following a row over a girl.

His lawyers will now try to persuade three judges at an appeal court in Granada he is the victim of mistaken identity wrongly convicted by false evidence.

The appeal outcome will hinge on whether the judges believe a protected witness who identified Wilson as the killer during his trial told the truth or not.


Legal papers submitted by the Irishman's legal team claim: "Everything comes from the protected witness.

"The other witnesses said it had been a man called Eric because someone else had said so, not because they saw him.

"This protected witness is either lying or confused."

His lawyers will also seek to rubbish the idea Wilson was involved when he made no attempt to hide the motorbike that he fled the crime scene on.

The Irishman admitted during his trial that gardai jetted to Spain after his arrest for Mr Smith's murder to quiz him about a string of contract killings in Ireland.

Spanish police found several false passports and an arms stash including plastic explosives and an M79 hand grenade when they raided his home in Coin, a short drive from the Costa del Sol, following his detention.

Lawyers behind his appeal for Mr Smith's murder said: "Eric Wilson cannot be the author of this crime because a professional killer of the like his accusers made him out to be doesn't plan things this badly."

A date of the appeal hearing has not been set.

Lawyers for Mr Smith's family have already said they will contest Wilson's fight for freedom.