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Senator set to swap roles with single mum for week

A GOVERNMENT politician is set to take the courageous decision to swap roles with a single mum for an entire week.

Labour senator John Gilroy will leave the Seanad for the school run and experience what life is like for a mum of three.

The Cork politician responded to a bizarre online challenge by Waterford woman Andrea Galgey to spend an entire week in her shoes.

A number of production companies are expected to seek the rights to make a documentary of the exchange.


Ms Galgey - who is a single mum to three boys - said politicians' constant talk about "cuts" inspired the challenge.

"We were obliterated in the last budget with cuts. I thought if they really think that we all have been cut equally they should come and see how I live," she said.

"I am an ordinary person, some are a bit richer, some people are less well off.

"So if I am struggling it must mean that the majority of people around the country must be."