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Senator gets death threat on Facebook

Death threats made to Labour Party senator and MEP candidate Lorraine Higgins have been reported to Gardai.

The Senator said the threat were made on Facebook on the day of the Euro elections vote.

“I was told essentially that I was going to be hatcheted in the face as a way of murdering me,” she said.

Ms Higgins (below) revealed the pattern of abuse had begun on social media “a number of weeks ago” and had culminated in the death threat on Friday.


She added: “I think it was absolutely disgraceful that following my appearance on Prime Time I was subjected to the most horrendous abuse on Facebook and Twitter.

“I could trace the person who said it, based on his Facebook profile, and that information is now with the gardai,” she said.

Ms Higgins believed this person “certainly had links to a political party and was a supporter of a political party based on his friends on Facebook”.

The Senator, who was eliminated from the European race on the second count in the Midlands North-West constituency, stressed “this is no way for people to exercise their opinions”.