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Seminar to tackle street drug problems


Christy Burke

Christy Burke

Christy Burke

Drug-fuelled anti-social behaviour in central Dublin will be the subject of a special seminar in the city today.

Several speakers will address the 'Better City for All' seminar which will investigate how front-line services are dealing with problems encountered on the streets of the capital.

The 'Better City for All' initiative was developed in 2011 to come up ways of address the growing problem of anti-social behaviour.


"It is well documented that the city centre has addiction issues and related anti-social behaviour issues, it is an area that I am determined to see solutions," said Lord Mayor Christy Burke, who will attend today's seminar.

"Despite what people might like to believe, there are no straightforward solutions to these complex issues, but the Better City for All approach suggests that there are better ways of managing them," said seminar chairman Dr Johnny Connolly,

Dublin Town CEO Richard Guiney said businesses were very concerned with drug-related activity and anti-social behaviour in this city.

The meeting will also be addressed by Tony Duffin, director of the Ana Liffey Drug Project.

Mr Duffin told the Herald this week that injection centres for drug addicts that are medically supervised could be among measures that could help tackle drug-related anti-social behaviour.

"There are people who, whether we like it or not, are injecting in public on Dublin's streets because they have nowhere else to go," he said.

"Many people who are engaged in antisocial behaviour around drug use cannot access the residential treatment they need. Ensuring access to appropriate services at appropriate times is critical to addressing drug use," he said.