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'Selfless' bus driver Rory wins Lord Mayor's Award



Rory Colman has been an inspiration to his colleagues

Rory Colman has been an inspiration to his colleagues

Rory Colman has been an inspiration to his colleagues

Dublin Bus employee Rory Colman has been chosen as the winner of the Lord Mayor's Award for the month of November for his dedication to public transport.

Rory works for Dublin Bus in the Harristown Depot, and has been with the company for more than 30 years.

"I would love to give every nominee an award because they are all so deserving, but Rory stood out," said Dublin's Lord Mayor Hazel Chu.

"His selflessness and kindness to others when he is clearly going through a very difficult time personally is an inspiration to us all. We need more people like Rory in this world.

"He is a very worthy winner of November's award and Dublin Bus should be very proud to have someone like this working for them."

Rory was nominated for the award by his friend and colleague Alan Hanlon who said Rory's dedication to public transport is unparalleled and that he has looked after his passengers on the route 13 for several decades.


Alan said: "He was at the forefront of our transport initiative to keep our frontline workers getting to and from work, ensuring buses kept rolling out the gates throughout this pandemic.

"Rory took ill and was diagnosed with cancer recently and even though he is at home he still ensures all his colleagues are both mentally and physically able to keep our depot functioning.

"While home recovering from his latest treatments he is ringing around other staff who may not be well or just to give a virtual arm around the shoulder to say it will get better.

"His constant presence even from his sick bed is such a morale boost to everyone."

Rory received a piece of sculpture and a gift voucher worth €1,000.

"It's great, I'm really honoured to get this award," said Rory. "The family are proud. It's a recognition of all the work I've done over the years. I've always enjoyed working in Dublin Bus and working with the people of Ballymun."