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Secret Millionaire invites musical teens to his island

DISADVANTAGED Irish teens got a taste of the Secret Millionaire's lifestyle when he invited them to his private island as filming wrapped.

Nadim Sadek abandoned his plush home on Inish Turk Beg in Clew Bay off the coast of Mayo for the show to live in a terraced house in Shandon, Cork.

The businessman made a fortune with his qualitative research firm which was taken over in 2003.

But the marketing professional had an eye to greater philanthropic projects and jumped at the chance to get involved with a number of inner city projects in Cork.

Nadim said that he made his decision about who to donate to by process of elimination.

"I essentially went through each one of them and considered what would be the best. The Cork Penny Dinners has been surviving for 170 years without my help," he said.

"The easiest decision was the Rebel Wheelers. Their needs were few, they were well organised, the parents had been careful about insurance.

"The sort of thing that would help them would be a fund to help them travel -- the parents who would drive all over the country with their kids had no tread left on their wheels."


Nadim donated €5,000 to the Rebel Wheelers, which aims to include all children with a disability in sport.

He said that he was particularly affected by the work of Cois Tine, a refugee support centre run by Fr Angelo Lafferty and donated a further €5,000.

"You can't over estimate the brutality and horror that some of these people went through," he said.

"Anyone who heard these stories would have been touched by it."

But as music was close to his heart, he couldn't help but be impressed by the Knocknaheeney Music Project, a youth music initiative that aims to get teenagers and children off the streets.

Retired army officer Bob Seaward worked on projects with music and young people and this latest scheme was established to get people back into work and education.

Bob, who has support from the Social Entrepreneurs of Ireland, has seen 1,000 students progress with a love of music and 50 attend college.

"The aim is to use music as a tool for social inclusion," he said.

After the filming of the programme on RTE, Nadim invited those he met at the project to come and jam with him and his family on his private island.