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Second UFO sighting as ice halo theory casts doubt on alien visit

THE truth is still out there...

A woman in a North Dublin suburb has continued the trend of UFO sightings in Dublin, spotting more strange objects in the night sky.

Patricia Martin, from Finglas, was in her garden with her children, when she noticed a strange light formation in the sky, last Thursday.

She told the Herald: "There were six lights in the sky, with a blue tone around them.

"Suddenly, we saw six lights, then four, then two, and back to six again, before it finally disappeared.

"They were all moving around rotating, this was going on for about 10 minutes.

"All the neighbours were watching the lights with me, but were baffled by what they were seeing."


In the same night Yvonne Daly, from Windy Arbour, also spotted a strange object in the sky.

It was thought the sighting could have been of the planet Venus.

However, UFO investigator Pat Regan said what Yvonne saw was most likely a phenomenon known as a "sundog".

"I feel that another potential likelihood may be behind this particular sighting.

"A sundog -- or mock sun -- is a particular type of ice halo.

"It is a coloured patch of light to the side of the sun.

"Sundogs can be seen anywhere in the world during any season. This is my first reported case from Ireland."

As with the picture printed in the Herald on Monday, Mr Regan said the sundog phenomenon is best seen when the sun is low in the sky.

Mr Regan said: "They are not rainbows. They are formed from ice crystals.

"I have also seen such phenomena myself and it was initially pointed out to me by the well-known UFO investigator, Nick Pope some time ago.

"I have seen two sundogs in my life, most recently in my home town of Southport."

Mr Regan welcomes any further public reports for inclusion in his upcoming book UFO: The Search For Truth, which he is currently writing.