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Second tree felled after family's miracle escape

A second tree on a historic Killester laneway has been cut down for safety reasons after one was blown on to a house and office in high winds.

A family had a miraculous escape on Monday when gales blew down one of the trees on Nuns Walk in the Abbeyfields area and it crashed on to the roof of an architect's office.

The tree weighed around 20 tonnes and was probably more than 200 years old.

The ancient lime trees line the access avenue to the Killester Sports and Social Club and are the club's responsibility.

However, if the club wants to alter the trees or cut them down, it needs to do so in consultation with Dublin City Council.

Concern from locals about the possibility of future tree falls has meant the sports club has been given permission to fell another tree opposite the one that was blown down this week, and do some topping and branch removal on others.

The remaining 11 trees were inspected by specialists hired by the sports club this week after the earlier collapse to establish if they posed a safety risk.


Mother-of-two Fionuala Lennon was in the office when the drama unfolded on Monday.

The size and weight of the tree mean it could have killed a person if it had fallen in a different direction.

In February 2011, Booterstown mum-of-three Lynda Collins was killed when she was crushed by a massive branch blown from a tree in high winds on Waterloo Road in the south city.

"We had the remainder of the trees inspected to see what condition they are in," said Declan Cole of the Killester Sports and Social Club.

"We will await the report from the tree surgeons and act accordingly.

"We will work with our neighbours to rectify anything that might arise," he added.

In 2003 and 2004, planning applications were handed in by a developer to build houses along the lane known as Nuns Walk.

Permission was granted by Dublin City Council on condition that the trees would be protected as an existing amenity.

"If there are any recommendations to take down any more trees, we will be working with Dublin City Council to make sure everything is safe," said Mr Cole.