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Second home tax dodgers to face €2k bill

A TRAWL to find second home owners who may have run up a debt of €2,170 by not paying their property taxes is now under way.

The Government squeeze on all homeowners to pay the new €100 household charge is expected to catch out second property owners who have been avoiding tax.

Every house in the State is expected to be on a property register by the end of the year and officials reckon it will catch all property tax dodgers.

Anyone who has not paid the second property tax since it was introduced three years ago will have run up a debt of €2,170 in charges and penalties.

Those who haven't paid the new €100 household charge will receive letters in the next few weeks telling them to pay up.

Those who have not declared a second property will have to pay the tax owed along with a penalty of €20 for every month unpaid.

In addition they will also now have to pay the new €100 charge on their second property which has already clocked up a €10 penalty for those who did not meet the deadline.

In the case of second property owners, they owe €200 each year since 2009 plus accumulated penalties of €20-a -month.

If you did not pay the charge for 2009, the €20-a-month penalties run separately on that charge from any others so you would owe €640 in penalties on that sum so far.

If you then did not pay the charge in 2010 the accumulated penalties on that sum come to €480.

The penalties for not paying in 2011 come to €240 and for not paying this year come to €10 so far.

It is understood that the introduction of the household charge of €100 this year on all properties has already forced some second home owners to pay their back taxes as they feared the registration of all homes would catch them out.