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'Seaweed can replace meat', says chef John


John Torode

John Torode

John Torode

MasterChef star John Torode has said seaweed could replace meat on dinner plates.

The marine plant is a good source of protein, the celebrity chef said.

The MasterChef judge (54) told Good Morning Britain that he opposes allowing chlorinated chicken on to dinner tables and that there are other, cheap protein alternatives.

"There is inexpensive food that you can live on and it doesn't have to be whole hunks of protein," he said.

"There's protein in chickpeas, there's protein in peas, there's protein in seaweed.


"Seaweed, for me, is going to be something which is going to be absolutely massive."

His comments came after Great British Bake Off judge Prue Leith endorsed crickets and mealworms as a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional farming.

Insects, which already form part of diets around the world, offer a "great hope for cheap protein" and "our squeamishness about eating bugs is misplaced", she wrote in a British newspaper.