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Seats are not for feet as uninvited Ryanair chief crashes DAA event

YOU'D probably be thrown off a Ryanair flight for such impertinence.

It just goes to show he may be a master of spin but that doesn't excuse bad manners -- particularly sticking your dusty old trainers on a leather seat.

Ryanair magnate Michael O'Leary played the disgruntled squatter once again at a Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) press briefing.

The airline chief, dressed in jeans and a leather jacket, plonked himself on the couch in a hotel lobby.

"Michael wouldn't try it on a bus or train. Or maybe he might. Certainly you would't get away with it on a Ryanair flight. So why do it here," said one stylist today.

It came as Michael attempted to get the attention of DAA chairman David Dilger.

The encounter left the DAA chairman startled at Bunratty Castle Hotel.

Mr Dilger described the airline boss's appearance in the hotel as a "little event" which attempted to "con and insult the community to whom the future of Shannon is quite important".

The pair has been engaged in a war of words over Ryanair's involvement at Shannon Airport.

Earlier this year, as part of a legal settlement for failing to honour a five-year contract at Shannon, Ryanair paid €3.7m to the DAA.

And this week the DAA rejected a Ryanair offer to bring one million passengers to the airport.

Mr Dilger said that he was "surprised" but "delighted" at Mr O'Leary's appearance at the hotel.

Mr O'Leary said: "Remember our plan for one million extra passengers."

Mr Dilger responded: "I would love to have every single one of them. Bring them on."

"Just say yes," was the reply from the Ryanair boss. Mr Dilger was outlining figures which anticipate that Shannon Airport will break even next year when Mr O'Leary turned up.