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Seaside suburb to get special plan status

A SPECIAL planning status has been recommended for Sandymount Village in order to protect its historic character.

The move would see the seaside suburb designated an architectural conservation area (ACA), with repercussions for the type of development allowed in the locality.

Zones in the city with a similar status include Grafton Street, O'Connell Street and Mountjoy Square.

An ACA designation "aims to identify areas of special character and architectural interest and to preserve that special character," Dublin City Council says.

In a report on the Sandymount proposal, senior planner Patricia Hyde said the village has "a significant and varied stock" of 19th and 20th century structures.

It is "primarily defined by 19th century structures laid out around the village green, which remains the focal point of the village to the present day".

"The village green is approached on five winding roads and avenues, by a mix of residential and commercial structures that reflects the different building styles of the mid-19th century, the late 19th /early 20th century and the mid 20th century periods," she said.

She said it is the overall policy of the council to "protect and conserve" the character and setting of Sandymount.

Through the ACA process, the local authority "will identify the areas of special character and architectural interest and to manage change in such a way as to preserve that special character", she added.

If the ACA is implemented, even owners of non-protected buildings will have restrictions on the work they can carry out to their properties.



In addition, "inappropriate signs" and "advertising structures" would no longer be allowed in the village.

"It is an objective that any new developments should have regard to the character of the adjacent buildings, which shall include height, massing, scale and plot width," Ms Hyde stated.

She recommended the procedure be initiated to designate Sandymount Village and Environs an ACA. City councillors will have to accept the recommendation before the plans can be kick-started.

If passed, the Sandymount ACA would be the city's twelfth. The first one was introduced for O'Connell Street in 2001 and it was followed five years later by the one for Grafton Street.