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Search for missing Paul goes on as his partner gives birth

a West Dublin park for the remains of missing Paul.

"She said the baby looked just like Paul, she has the same colouring and hair as him. It is a time of very mixed emotions," Martina's mother Sharon told the Herald.

"She is delighted, but at the same time it is hard for her because Paul isn't here to see his little baby," she added.

Martina and Paul had only conceived the baby a few short weeks before he vanished last July after getting into a car outside his home on Kilmartin Green in Tallaght.

She announced news of the pregnancy as a massive search operation was launched to find her partner and dad to their first daughter Abbey.

Martina and Paul's family believe he was murdered and his body dumped.

There was a brief glimmer of hope that his body had been discovered earlier this month, when skeletal remains were found in the Dublin mountains.

But they turned out to be the remains of another missing Tallaght man, Ken Fetherston, who vanished last September. An extensive garda investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death is ongoing.

Paul's family are now living in hope that a search of Corkagh Park, which began on Wednesday, might yet lead to the discovery of his body. The search has yielded nothing so far.


The 300 acre park was sealed off by gardai after fresh intelligence indicated the 21-year-old could have been dumped there.

Meanwhile, Paul's mum Ashley and her family have moved out of Tallaght because of the memories of Paul's disappearance and ongoing intimidation.

The family moved on Thursday to an undisclosed location.

Martina's family, who also live on Kilmartin Green, are also hoping to move in the coming weeks.

Both houses came under attack in recent weeks as gardai worked to identify the remains found in the Dublin mountains, and threats were made to burn the houses. The sick thugs also bragged that the families would never find Paul's body.

Earlier this month a group claiming to be the Real IRA contacted the Herald to make a statement to Paul's killers.

They threatened "swift and resolute action" unless his body is returned to his family.

The search of Corkagh Park continues.